FetchFind Pitch Deck

FetchFind is an e-learning platform subscription service, focused on increased staff retention and, subsequently, higher margins. 125,000 US pet care service businesses capture a U.S. market share of $23 Billion per year, yet, are plagued with 125% staff turnover due to antiquated hiring and training solutions. FetchFind focuses on helping pet care businesses grow and sustain a team of qualified pet professionals.

FetchFind, Jamie’s fourth startup in pet services, unites the nearly $70-billion fragmented industry by connecting pet parents with trusted resources.

FetchFind is based in Chicago, Illinois and was founded in 2014 as a “portal for pet lovers” by Jamie Migdal. They’ve evolved into a platform focusing exclusively on subscription-based content for staff training and other business solutions.

Additional info from republic.co:

  • Named among Top 5 most innovative pet care companies in US by Purina (Oct ’16)
  • Recognized founder with strong track record (4th successful company) in the pet industry
  • Has revenue and zero subscriber churn
  • PetSmart, Petco and hundreds of other pet care companies as clients
  • $500k raised to date

DateMay 15, 2017 RoundEquity CrowdfundingLinkfetchfind.comAmount Raised$110,911