Guidify Ride & Guide App

Guidify is an action sport and outdoor mobile app released at the end of 2018 that helps find and connect local riders, guides and experts based on their location, activities and interests. The team is made up of developers, tech geeks, designers and engineers and the idea was born from their own experiences exploring local trails.

Here’s how they describe themselves:

“Guidify was born out of real life experiences and situations. Often we would ride the local trails and meet other people and riders asking to be shown around. These random meetups would then turn into epic riding and coaching sessions, which would usually end with cold beers and unforgettable experiences, memories and friendships.
On the other hand, we have often found ourselves on the other side of the equation wondering how awesome and surreal it would be, if someone would show us their best spots and take us to restaurants and clubs to experience the local vibe.
With this in mind it was down from the trails straight into the office. And out came Guidify.”

Date2018RoundSeedLinkguidify.ioAmount RaisedUnknown