Rally’s focus is on becoming a one-stop destination for engaging with progressive advocacy organizations, elected officials, friends and other fellow citizens. They aim to make taking action “fast, simple, and fun.” There service run the gamut of activism from contacting Congress, to making a donation, to signing a petition.

There deck shown below follows the standard short format leading with vision and existing challenges and wrapping up with team details and progress to date. Note their team slide is clean & minimal—highlighting individual roles, playing to strengths and then leaving the remaining details to their LinkedIn profiles.

Rally’s mission is to empower the average citizen to weave political activism into the fabric of everyday life. We envision an America where regular and consistent political action becomes widely accepted civic responsibility, and where taking action feels meaningful and empowering rather than like a chore. We want Rally to become not just ‘Facebook for political activists’, but a place that inspires people to join a movement, including those with no history of activism.

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